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To get access to the prices and use the full functionality of the site you need to register by creating an account. 
After a successful registration you will be able to see our wholesale catalog with pricing. You will be able also to make your orders online.

After the registration is complete, simply click on “add to cart” to put an item in your shopping bag. After placing an item in the bag, you may either proceed to check out or continue shopping. You may remove anything from your bag at any time by clicking on the trash icon which is found next to the item in your bag. You may see your current order by clicking on the "BAG" link. If you have troubles ordering, please e-mail us – we’ll be glad to help you placing an order.


What does the listed price mean?

The prices are wholesale - for a piece in a pack. We do not charge additional VAT or taxes (see below - Payment options). If you are outside the European Union you might be charged customs taxes in your country (check your local customs rates for wholesale childrens clothing).


Who is and why should I buy from you? is one of the leading wholesale kids clothing distributors in Europe. Most of the models you are seeing under the brand TRINITTI are manufactured by us and you can purchase them at a wholesale price directly from the manufacturer. When you become a regular client you will no longer need to search for other wholesale kids clothing suppliers.


Can I use the pictures from your web site? How can I download the pictures?

You can use the pictures of the models you purchased. Once you send an order, click on "Account" in the top. You will see the list of your recent orders. Click on button "Download images" to save them.


How much is the SHIPPING cost to my country?

We are shipping in all countries at great prices. For the Free shipping option see below. The shipment cost may depend on the weight of your order and the web site will automatically calculate it for you. After you start putting items in your virtual Bag you may see the current shipment cost by clicking on the "BAG" button in the right upper corner. Enter your country and postal code in the section called "Estimate shipping and tax". You will see the shipment options and prices available for your country.


Is the FREE SHIPPING available for my address?

Free shipping by courier is available for selected countries when the order value is more than 300 Euro. The available countries are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus*, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.The free shipping option covers only the mainland areas (i.e. excluding islands).
*Shipping to Cyprus for orders more than 10 kg is by post.

What is the minimum purchase value?

The minimum purchase value for an order is 100 Euro. The minimum order quantity per model is one pack.

What are the PAYMENT options?

Our prices are guaranteed and final - we do not charge VAT or any other taxes, except the shipping cost.

We currently accept PayPal, credit card, wire (bank to bank) money transfers and per request Western Union or MoneyGram.

We will expect you to make the payment in the next 24 hours after you submit your order. Full payment is required to process your order.